VIP Bundle

Ludus VIP Bundle


Optimize the performance of your athletes & clients, and patients by using the ideal combination of Ludus Smart essentials and the app's membership plan. Leverage advanced technology, customized activities, analytics, benchmarks, and versatile accessories to deliver exceptional results.


With the Ludus VIP Bundle Plan, you'll gain access to a wide range of personalized activities, analytics, and benchmarks that will help you to step up your motivation and reach your goals faster than ever before. You'll receive a selection of multifunctional accessories that will help you to take your training to the next level.

From Smart paddles, Web and mobile platform access to video class champions lessons and a live event demo. These will make your training sessions more challenging, fun, and effective.

Recommended for

- Coaches, trainers, therapists, and educators of sports teams.
- For clubs, teams, gyms, clinics and schools.
- Professional and aspiring athletes who specialize in physical fitness or Martial Arts.
- Therapists who work with physical and neurological conditions.
- Martial artists who hold advanced ranks.


2 X Smart paddles:
For performance parameters analysis and measurements.
1 X Platform pass:
Web app for personalized performance analytics, and benchmarks.
12 X Champion class videos:
Instructional training videos from expert martial artists.
1 X Live demo:
Live athletic martial arts demonstration events with expert guidance.
4 X Tutorial videos


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