Ludus Tech Package

Whether you're a coach looking to improve your team's performance, a personal trainer seeking to challenge your clients, or a healthcare professional seeking to enhance your patients' rehab progress, the Ludus Teck plan kit is the perfect tool for you.

Ludus Tech Package

Get the ultimate taste of cutting-edge smart sport equipment with the Ludus® tech package plan. Designed to fit most athletic training types, this tech kit is easy to incorporate into your existing training routines. For the ultimate experience, we recommend upgrading to the VIP Bundle plan.

Recommended for

- Coaches, trainers, therapists, and educators of sports teams.
- For clubs, teams, gyms, clinics and schools.
- Professional and aspiring athletes who specialize in physical fitness or Martial Arts.
- Therapists who work with physical and neurological conditionsMartial artists who hold advanced ranks.

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