Ludus Tickets Package

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This package provides a one-time entry pass to a Ludus  Events that can be activated via a Smart Connect wristband containing the participant ID. Please note that this pass is only valid for one individual and cannot be transferred to others.


With Ludus Smart ID Wristband, you'll be able to get a ticket for the events you're interested in with ease, without having to worry about physical tickets or cash payments. This convenient and powerful tool that allows you to track your progress and measure your performance during each event. With real-time analytics and performance data, you'll be able to see exactly how you're improving and where you need to focus your training.

Available now in 8 different colours!  

Please note that each event is hosted by different talents in different locations and states around the world. Prices may vary accordingly and presented on the following link.

Recommended for

- Martial Artists who hold  Beginners ranks
- Martial Artists who hold  Intermediate ranks
- Martial Artists who hold Advanced ranks


1 X Connect wristband:
Performance tracking device
1 X Event pass:
Ludus event participant pass

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