Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join to a Ludus event?

Ludus operates various eSport events at Martial Arts clubs worldwide. You can discover the events available for participation by clicking on the "Get Started" button. Additionally, you may select a specific event from the "Experience" page and get tickets from the events library."

What is the participation fee for a Ludus event?

Tickets for Ludus events are accessible on our "Events" page and have varying prices based on the technology and talent visitors included in the event. These prices are determined by the policies, currency, and home base country of the hosting club. Explore our pricing here.

How do I host events in my club?

Martial Arts clubs and renowned athletes worldwide are members of our community and host our events across the globe. Hosting a Ludus event can provide your club with an additional revenue stream and open up various opportunities. All you need is Ludus VIP Bundle. (Cooming soong)

What is Ludus technology ?

Martial arts athletes perform different exercises and combat styles while getting tracked, analysed and boosted by our smart paddle. Enter our "Technology" page to explore the tools that can get your athletic skills to the next level.

What is the purpose of the Connect Wristband?

Ludus Connect Wristband is used to sync your performance data to Ludus apps and system. Participants of Ludus events must have a wristband in order to compete. Visit our "Pricing" page to get your wristband to the next event.

Which pricing plans does Ludus offer?

Ludus provides several plans that cater to the distinct needs of athletes, instructors, or practitioners. You may choose to purchase tickets to eSport events only, buy our smart paddle, or opt for a VIP bundle that comes fully equipped to meet your requirements. to find out more, click here.

What does the Ludus Bundle include?

Empower your athletes, clients, and trainees to improve their performance with the Ludus VIP Bundle, which includes a combination of Ludus smart essentials and exclusive content for members. Discover all of our bundle options here to maximize your potential.

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