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How do I join to a Ludus event?

Ludus operates different kinds of events, hosted in different Martial Arts clubs around the world. Click on the "Participate" Button to figure out which event you can join, or simply choose a specific event from the "Experience" page and click "Get tickets".

What is the cost for participating in Ludus event?

Ludus smart entertainment event costs are available for you in our "Experience" page and are determined by the club's home base country, currency and policies.

How do I host a Ludus event?

Our events are hosted globally by Martial Arts clubs that join as members of our community. Hosting an event is completely free and allows clubs to get another stream of income and clients for their event hosting, You can sign up for free as a member of our clubs community via "Opportunities" page, and we will get in touch soon for scheduling the next event,

What is Ludus technology ?

Martial arts athletes perform different exercises and combat styles while getting tracked, analyzed and boosted by our smart combat paddle. Enter our "Technology" page to explore our smart tool sets that can bring you practice to the next level.

How can I practice using Ludus technology for free ?

Our smart practice technology is only available for free to members of our community such as club owners. Ton enjoy our smart sportech entertainment experience you can enter "Opportunities" page or press "Participate".


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