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When you start training with Ludus technology you get to taste the community best practices, create your own drills, share drills and exercises, run professional athletes’ tests, manage players, and so much more.

Smart Combat Paddle
AI Events Enterteinment apps
4 Metrics Analytics System

Our Smart Combat Paddle

Learn the mastery of Martial arts with the powerful measurement of our paddle, measuring athletes cognitive and physical abilities and skills. The Paddles’ lights flash in green color and indicate the speed, sequence, and frequency of the athlete to be accurate, faster, stronger.

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Event Enterteinment apps

Manage your team combat performance while tracking your athletes’ techniques, skills, accuracy and in our international events and compare your teams’ results between clubs around the world.

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Our Measurment Metrics

Training with Ludus technology in the Martial fields arena can bring any athlete to the top, creating the biggest advantage in the field due to its 4 key measurements:  

✔ Response time
✔ Decision Making
✔ Timing
✔ Explosive power.

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